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AquaSplash Ro Water Purifier engaged in Water Filter Products Sales for last 10 Years (Since 2008). We deal with Domestic Ro Sales & Services.
AquaSplash Ro System is one of best water purifier in India, we sales All type Ro systems like: Domestic Ro for home purpose in Reasonable and Discount Prices, so that everyone can afford it & buy it easily.
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Why Aqua Splash

Safe, Clean, Pure water is in the minds of today's consumers. Aqua Splash addresses those concerns with their truly innovative products incorporating Reverse Osmosis system. Aqua Splash RO Filters are the product of innovation based on consistent market demand of providing a cost effective, easy-to-maintain unit designed for harsh Indian tap water conditions to produce high purity RO water for drinking water needs

There are some strong values on which company operates. As time pass by, you will notice all of these values in the transactions with Aqua Splash Products:
  • Genuine quality and service.
  • Trust and Reliability (Principle of Trusteeship).
  • Transparency and Honesty.
  • Respect for all.
  • Long term relationship with all the stakeholders.
  • Safety and Care of all products.

Aqua Splash RO Water Purifiers are available in 3 different technologies: RO, UV & UF and in addition to a combination of these technologies i.e. RO+UV water purifiers.


Most reliable and trouble free operation. Widest range of models to choose from. Highest level of purification. Lowest consumable cost.